The AVEKO Combi series equipment are press assemblies with fixed containers that are easy to handle with any vehicle. They are ready to use just by plugging them in an electric outlet.

AVEKO Combi is your choice when you want an easy and hygienic solution. It is the basic choice for storesand real estate. We can make it suitable for any facilitywith tailoring and accessories. The AVEKO Combi is slightly smaller and more agile than the detachable press for very large volumes of the AVEKO Duo series. Combi press is also available as a liquid-proof bio-waste version.

Applications include construction sites.

Standard equipment
on compactor

  • Filling funnel
  • Transport hooks and cable accessories to the front and rear
  • Hydraulic oil heating
  • Adjustable runtime
  • Filling monitoring

Standard containers

  • 10 m³
  • 12 m³
  • 16 m³
  • 18 m³
  • 20 m³
  • 25 m³

KA800 Benefits

  • Very easy to emptying the trolley
  • The work site stays clean
  • No odor nuisance
  • Environmental pollution reduced
  • Easier waste sorting
  • Better fire safety
  • Compactors fit in a small spot
  • Compactor is easy to transport to another work site
  • Easy and cost effective to transport and empty the waste compactor
  • Fewer emptying trips
  • The wastes can also be placed by hand into the compactor
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Kaatolaite työmaavaunulle