AVEKO press bio containers and bio presses

The sealed waste container helps keep pests out much better than an open container, which needs to be emptied much more frequently due to odour and pest nuisance. A container equipped with a press provides the best benefit when the emptying interval is extended and the utilizable load is always at maximum when emptying.

The AVEKO bio-waste press has heating and cooling systems in order to keep the odour nuisance to a minimum. Bio-waste freezes easily during the winter, thus it is advisable to equip outdoor equipment with heating. Heating and cooling systems play a major role in the northern climate, when temperatures fluctuate sharply.

All equipment can also be installed indoors or so that they are accessible indoors. In this case, it is advisable to install ozonisation, or deodorizing equipment, in the equipment for added comfort.


  • Thermal insulation
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Deodorizingequipment (ozonisation)
  • Container tilting mechanism
  • Guide rails
  • Various pulling devices
  • Reversible transport hook
  • Track roller
  • Track rolls
  • Automatic hatch opening

AVEKO Bio technical details

ModelCapacity/m³Filling opening length (mm) A Filling opening width (mm) BTotal length/mm CTotal width/mm DTotal heigth/mm E
Bio 0815CX/10108001400440025702610
Bio 0815CX/16168001400511025702610
Bio 0815CX/18188001400561025702610
Bio 0815CX/20208001400611025702610
Bio heil. 1116CX/141411001600582325801750
Bio heil. 1116CX/161611001600529325802582