AVEKO Duo is your choice when a lot of waste is generated and it needs to be packed economically, quickly and cost-efficiently. The large filling opening allows efficient packing of even large waste. It is perfect for industry, transhipmentor department stores, in which a large amount of dry mixed waste is generated. We can make it suitable for any facilitywith tailoring and accessories. Applications: industry, transhipment, department stores

Standard equipment

  • Filling funnel
  • Transport hooks and cable accessories
  • Hydraulic oil heating
  • Adjustable runtime
  • Filling monitoring

Standard containers

  • 20 m³
  • 25 m³
  • 30 m³
  • 35 m³


  • Container tilting mechanism
  • Remote monitoring / remote connection
  • Guide rails
  • Levels, platforms, railings
  • Track roller
  • Track rolls
  • Automatic hatch opening
  • Pre-pressing plate (non-DX models)
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Deodorizingequipment
  • Automatic start-upequipment
  • Various alarm devices
  • Various pulling devices
  • Hydraulic shrouds

AVEKO Duo technical details

ModelFilling opening length (mm)Filling opening width (mm)Press force (t)Capacity * m3/hStroke duration (s)
10×15 DX100014003022023
12×15 DX120014003021027
12×19 DX120017803026027
14×15 D140014002513052
16×15 D160014002513057
15×19 D140018003020042
14×15 D, PC140014002513052
16×15 D, PC140014002513057
15×19 D, PC180018003020042
ModelEngine (kW)ElectricityFilling height (mm)Piston heigh (mm)Piston width (mm)
10×15 DX5,5400V, 16A13806101512
12×15 DX5,5400V, 16A13806101512
12×19 DX5,5400V, 16A13906101890
14×15 D7,5400V, 25A14206101512
16×15 D7,5400V, 25A14306101512
15×19 D5,5400V, 16A13306101890
14×15 D, PC7,5400V, 25A14206101512
16×15 D, PC7,5400V, 25A14306101512
15×19 D, PC5,5400V, 16A13306101890

Also customer-specific tailor-made solutions