AVEKO Press integrated waste press for trucks

You save time and money when you only need to drive from the waste container to the sorting station every other time. So every other tipping time is eliminated!

A traditional interchangeable container can hold a cardboard load of approximately 40-50 kg/m³, but the AVEKO integrated press can hold up to 200-230 kg/m³.

The press is connected to the truck’s hydraulics and electrical system (24 V). The waste press has a funnel cover that can be opened and closed hydraulically.


  • 200 – 230 kg/m³

Funnel filling opening:

  • 2,0 x 3,0 m

Standard containers

  • 16 m³
  • 18 m³
  • 20 m³

Pressing space opening:

  • 1,6 m x 1,8 m

AVEKO Integrated technical details

ModelCapacity/m³Filling opening length (mm) A Filling opening width (mm) BTotal length/mm CTotal width/mm DTotal height/mm E
AVEKO Integrated
Ka-int. 1619CX/161616001800622025802710
Ka-int. 1619CX/181816001800672025802710
Ka-int. 1619CX/202016001800722025802710