AVEKO Accessories

AVEKO press product range also hassolutionsfor bio-waste or loading problems, for example. The bio-waste press can be used to collect and store liquid-containing waste neatly without leakage into the environment. Heavy waste can be conveniently and safely fed to the press with the container tilting mechanism. Our other products also include durable rubbish bins, as well as various levels, railings and platforms for increased occupational safety and speed.


AVEKO accessories are designed to make the equipment more efficient and easy to use, and to improve user experience. For example, you can use an alarm to automate the device to alert directly to the service or waste handler when needed. It is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your user experience. The tilting mechanism enhances collection as you can collect waste in multiple small collection bins and conveniently empty theminto the press.

Heating and cooling systems play a major role in the northern climate, when temperatures fluctuate sharply. They help keep the odour nuisance to a minimum during hot weather. On the other hand, bio-waste freezes easily during the winter, thus it is advisable to equip outdoor equipment with heating. Indoor equipment with deodorizingequipment etc.

Structures that improve user safety, such as platforms, levels and railings, are also conveniently available from us, tailor-made of course. There is certainly a solution to everything,so ask for more information!

Other AVEKO press products:

  • container tilting mechanism
  • levels
  • platforms
  • railings
  • waste bins

We can easily tailor all the equipment according to your facility. Ask us for more information!

Container tilting mechanism

automatic hatch opening

Integrated tilting mechanism
guide rail